Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Auto Tip Tuesday! 

     Use wheel cleaner: Your car’s wheels are down there on the road, taking the brunt of road dirt. Add in the dust that wears off your brake pads and you’ve got a formula for stains that are tough to remove when you wash your vehicle. Car-washing liquid won’t do the job.You need a wheel cleaner specifically formulated to remove such stains. Be sure to buy the correct formulation. Some cleaners are designed for metal wheels, and others for painted or clear-coated wheels.The metal wheel cleaners come in various formulations as well, depending upon whether your metal wheel has a satin, aluminum, or chrome finish. Protect metal wheels with wheel polish, painted wheels with a coat of wax.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Auto Tip Tuesday!

     Beware the wet thumb: If you top off your tires at a service station, check to see if there’s moisture coming from the air pump. Simply depress the pin inside the inflator valve with your thumbnail. If your thumb gets wet, advise the station manager that his tanks need to be drained and go to a different station. Moisture, trapped inside a tire, can cause pressure variations and corrode rims.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Planet Super Saver's 'Employee of the Month'!

Drum roll please....

     April's Employee of the Month award goes to Danielle! We would like to recognize her over the top performance, as well as excellent customer service. Thank you, Danielle, we sure do appreciate you!